Turks & Caicos – Discovering the Undiscovered

Discovering the undiscovered: How Blur revived tourism to the Turks and Caicos Islands without damaging the “undiscovered” image of a pristine travel destination.


The Turks and Caicos Department of Tourism faced a serious decline in the number of US visitors to the islands. Blur solved this dilemma by creating a campaign focused on what the choice of a destination said about the consumer.


We worked with the Board of Tourism to conduct focus groups and we did an analysis of customer satisfaction surveys from key hotel properties to develop a unique advertising platform that focused on something more than just “sand, sea, and sun.” Our data led us to drive our campaign to prompt vacationers to appoint themselves to a “private society” of “travelers in the know.”


Our precise execution of the campaign and intelligent consumer insight brought a growth of 37% to the islands.