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Blur moved suspicious minority parents to engage and collaborate with educators working together to create a movement reviving public education being threatened by charter schools.

The National Education Association was at a pivotal time in its history: engagement by multicultural communities was low but not quantified. The NEA asked Blur to provide a baseline of awareness and attitudes toward the institution as America’s rapidly changing demographics were leading to majority minority populations in public schools.

The upfront research entailed focus groups, polling, message development and testing. Blur was fully responsible for conceiving the blended qualitative and quantitative research objectives, methodology, implementation and measurement. The results were used far beyond communications as programming was as deeply impacted as outreach.

For Blur the ultimate output of the research was an integrated marketing effort “This is why we are.” The campaign introduced diverse audiences to the relevance and integrity of NEA’s commitment to public education in America.

The results exceeded the client’s expectations: brand awareness increased 30% and positive opinions of the NEA markets grew by 29%.